View Full Version : SUPER MUTANT CLAIM!

Rog Palma C
01-09-2014, 02:17 PM
I did not tell you happy day because it is not after seeing what happened with the game, and pvp tournament. as possible to that catalog reactor enforcer " GOLDEN " like a damn bronze ? and even more ! the captain peace, the biggest cheat in this game , which should , not more , I request that I cataloged as a mutant level "silver" or " gold " because it does not seem fair that those who are low level, other say , with no mutants silver or gold , have to face similar opponents too much life , too much attack power, while a user account for the moment only with mutant bronze at best, oh and another interesting claim , as it shows that the " Super Jackpot " is tricked , usually just out jackpot winners rarely , and when the substrate is very cumulative , and another thing to note is that you would like removed from the credits jackpot offering , by 5,000 , 10,000 and 100,000 credits serves anyone , not even to build well and level up using credits ... one generates a lot more with the land on which puts the mutants created , so , Kobojo GAME DEVELOPERS PLEASE fix sooner such " anomalies " that happen in the game, and abstain " those " to be to comment that winning or not is a matter of luck , THAT DOES NOT EXIST.

Markus Walter
01-09-2014, 07:44 PM
The bad thing is: You could be level 1 and get Captain peace once. The ones still in the hands of players are ideal to cheat on the star board at PvP @ any level and I agree to what Rog Palma C said...you really messed that one up for good. not only does it look Gay but also kickass as much as many Gold Mutants. Thank heavens you kept sane in the spot to make it final and unable to get bronze/silver or gold...yet thats the problem sinceit heavily cheats the star system. From my point of view...simply delete all of them. They don't do the game any good. (I have one myself and know how overpowered he is)

Thanks for the new reactor from Japan and that all Mutants there are starred ^-^ (as well as looking pretty awesome)