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Markus Walter
01-09-2014, 09:11 PM
I think the game has lots of potential for some written adventures in it. That one weird Baron is just a single page in a book from my point of view and since there is obviously easy space travel existing in the MGG World there are infinite possibilities to play with as Psy Captains who own some cool Mutants...or for Mutants that don't need to be controlled but who are friended and fight by themselves for their chosen Psy Captain...maybe even for romance or being the outcome of such a relationship.

Rivals, discoveries, mighty battles, fantasy, good and bad times as well as the fate of the world could await anyone who feels ready to try their luck in this and all you need is a little talent for writing :3

If this tickles your fancy by any means answer this post and let others know or send me a note to discuss what you would see in a Mutants - Genetic Gladiators Roleplay.

Jaymick Bryan
01-10-2014, 02:17 PM
I agree like,they should time it up with the events though like on moon baron is researching on some weird stuff and you are gonna stop him but that will make the game sketchy as fu** .Cause it will be crappy cause high level players aint gonna play the game to long cause they already beat the game. But Good Idea Though

Markus Walter
01-10-2014, 06:34 PM
Seems you didn't get in the slightest what I meant...I look for other MGG Players who think it would be nice to do an RP here in the forum about the game and with some chars we thought out for ourselves. Not Game Content...this is a forum and since the Rooftop is meant for not only game matters this is something I would find fun to do while waiting for my passes to regenerate ^^

Jaymick Bryan
01-11-2014, 08:17 AM
Sorry but are you refering to something about mutants backstory like about Cancernia and Leohart and Goliath and Shellshock's?

Markus Walter
01-11-2014, 12:36 PM
I refer to general Roleplay as either Psy Captains or Free/Uncontrolled/Friended Mutants together. We play what we agree upon and see where we end up. If you know Dungeons & Dragons or Vampire outside of computer games but in a friendly round siting on a table throwing dice to their Ideas of a great adventure...thats what I am referring to.

MGG provides us with a universe worth to experience and explore even if we are not in the PC-Game on Facebook. Best thing there would be: No Bugs :P

We just have to talk about what we want in private roughly and then set it into detail in the Roleplay. A bit like a novel written by two people.

Jaymick Bryan
01-11-2014, 12:56 PM
I Get ya bro