View Full Version : So many mutants not available for breeding

Nathaniel Bolt
01-11-2014, 07:57 AM
Its a major problem that half the mutants in the game are from tournaments, limited time legendary mutants, holiday specials, gold zodiac, reactor, and so on.

These are mutants I personally cant get and Ive done every tournament since the 4th one. I had to get Zombat and spiderbot from the PVE events. Add all the other tournament and limited edition silver mutants and to have more than 30 you cant create.
virgon zodiac
Libraro zodiac
jack o'lantern holiday
cancernia zodiac
caprika zodiak
buck maurice legendary
haggis tournament
sagittaurius zodiac
gargantus reactor
leohart zodiac
cosmo kong legendary
sentry legendary
mr marvelous reactor
snowmage holiday
prince scorpion zodiac
captain peace
ivory hanzo reactor

Ronald Richard
01-11-2014, 05:04 PM
Well, i don't find it to be weird. After all, in all similar games like this, such as dragon city and monster legend, there's a lot of unbreedable monsters / mutants. Most of them are those which need to be bought, or those that you could only get by completing some events. It has became such kind of basic design for this kind of game. After all, each game developer are looking for some money. In order to force us to spent our money, they issue some special items (or mutants) that you can't get through a normal way. Besides, most of them isn't that hard to get. PvP mutant can be easily farmed, and even if failed to get them from global tournament, you still able to get them from PvE.

Besides, kobojo has been really generous lately. They sell new legendary mutants in credits, instead of gold. Back then, they sell mutants like buck maurice, cosmo kong, and sentry in golds. Now, they sell legendaries like monocerous, oida, and dezinger in credits.

Kevin Van Kerrebroeck
01-13-2014, 11:36 PM
Aslong as they let these mutants return to be obtained in other events or purchased for non gold currency, its fine with me. altho they should be marked better which are breedable and which not