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    Smile i want free rare mutants one only plsss

    Can I HAVE a GOLD PITLORD plss Who Cr8 THIS GAME PLSS GIVE ME :sneakiness:

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    Well bro unfortunately it's not a givraway site.. it's main forum where we can talk about the game, and suggestion's and development's discussion and some off topic.. sorry friend but i don't think they can give you a mutant.

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    I hope that people who post threads like this get kicked off the forums rather quickly, we don't need this kind of spam here.

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    Monocerus and Buck Maurice were basically free. I think if you are patient you will find more offers like these in the future.

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    nab players :chuncky::chuncky:

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    Its easy to get it and you can, use 2 lv 20 silver mithic mutant and you have it ^^
    No really that was a high sarcasm you should gtfo before you keep trying to get something free

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    Is there any way I can get this guy banned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rufino Boniol View Post
    Can I HAVE a GOLD PITLORD plss Who Cr8 THIS GAME PLSS GIVE ME :sneakiness:
    Hi Rufino, if you compete in tournaments and complete achievements and the daily challenge you will be able to level up your mutants and earn enough gold to attempt to breed a Gold Pitlord, good luck!

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