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    Reduced power?? Wtf?

    Just upgraded my phone, logged in and I got a msg sayin I was too powerful?

    I've got all my heroes apart from one, most of them have been downgraded and I've got a load of cash and gems.


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    Sorry for the double post but my pve story is reset as well?? I completed the whole story, finished every level, and now I got to start from scratch??


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    Wow thats really a weird situation, the first time i hear about that!! You sure is the same account? If so, how much gold/gems you got? Did your account level got wiped too?
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    Can't remember what i had before but I got 1151k gold and 1609 gems.

    Update: PVE progress wasn't reset, but I cleared story without collecting chests so I could replay the levels and collect them when chest bank was low - annoying but not the end if the world.

    My acount level is the same too.

    So basically, no spare chests (probably had approx 200-250 to go back and get), lower level heroes, more cash and gems.

    The message i got was garbled - like two messages laid over each other.


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    Oh, and PVP was reset to 1100 as well - was in mid 1300's as well... and the season ends in 2 days - rubbish!

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    It just happened again!!

    Logged in to get PVP rewards but instead I get some bullsh*t message about being too powerful. No rewards, no cards, nothing.

    The message didn't just come out of nowhere, it's designed into the app - I want to know why I'm getting it?

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    I assume you met the minimum requirement of playing 20 PvP games?

    I think I know the message you are talking about it (it's by Drall, right?) It's either the message at the beginning of the season and they send you to claim your reward for PvP. Or it's that message when they're updating something.

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    Yeah, I managed to get my 20 games + and got back up to 1200 and something.

    I don't get it - that's twice my progress has effectively been reset for some bogus reason... I've played people with health in the 1800's - at least 3 levels above me.

    Why am I getting hero progression reset and no PVP rewards? With no cards and heroes getting LEVELLED DOWN, I can't ever get stronger teams - hence, no point in playing.

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