Im just concerned about the current status of the Zodiac Mutants

Its just that nobody uses them anymore. Its not because theyre not appealing, its just that their stats sucks so bad. Its such a waste these mutants exist yet nobody is using them. EVEN after the silver zodiacs came to the arena, still their stats are no different that a regular silver mutant. They still suck, nobody uses them in PVP.

These Mutants are beautiful but they lack strength to compete with other Mutants. So I suggest they should come up with Platinum versions, and hey there’s no pain in having them in Platinum because first of all, most legendary Mutants now have very overwhelming stats. But hey, they’re just legendary. Why cant the zodiac Mutants which are rare and they kind of have 13 of them not so strong.
They should be buff, they NEED to be buffed to bring back the beauty and power the posses.
Its just a waste that they get trampled my these new legendary Mutants, so why not a comeback of the zodiac. Having a Platinum version of each is not so bad. They can level the current Mutants now. PLUS players now would start using them.

By the looks of their stats, they are not really OP unlike Nimrod, Kolossus, Hellsaw etc but atleast they could make a stand against.
Think about it, lets make them alive again