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    May Minor Rebalance

    After listening to your feedback, we have decided to make some tweaks to the following mutants as well as why we do these changes:

    Nightmare Aberration
    • Undead attack power slightly reduced

    Nightmare Aberration's undead attack power was a bit too strong compared to the mutants of the same speed, however he still is a good, quick, debuffer.

    • Both attack powers strongly reduced
    • Boost power and speed slightly reduced

    A lot of players tend to use teams of 3 Chun-Lei in PVP, which showed that the character was simply unbalanced and too strong. Reducing her attacks, making her more vulnerable to mutants of higher speed, still makes her a formidable opponent but not to the point where she was before.

    Spin Fury
    • Attack power slightly increased

    This slight increase in its attack power should make him more viable and an alternative to other strong speedy mutants.

    • Attack power slightly reduced

    Although the concept of a glass cannon is interesting, the attack power of Orion was a bit too much. Reducing it still makes him a glass cannon and quite a unique character (for now).

    The Reef
    • Boost power slightly increased

    The Reef needed a bit of help to make him stronger against other mutants and this boost will help him do that.

    Aubraea Mutantula
    • Health Points slightly increased

    Aubraea needs more love, and increasing its health points will make it more sustainable.

    • Retaliate and health points slightly reduced

    Kolossus has been an overwhelming presence in the meta, to the point where it is used by most players in all situation. This small change will help in making him a bit less prevalent in PVP.

    That's all for now, but there are more things to come in the future and even... maybe... a revolution?
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