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    I found the bug with the Disconencts!!

    So ... after months was testing diferent things to find out how the fck they disconnect us from game!

    one day random something "happened" to me and my game minimise! when i reopened it the enemie had dc!

    Dint took it serious coz some times they have lag issues!

    anyway this thing has happen to me 4-5 more times and my enemie got dc! then i figured out whats wrong!

    So ... some1 from staff members PM me i wanna tell u whats the bug! ofc cant name it coz every1 ll start use it!

    P.S. never used it, just happen to me random tbh! am 40 years old and i love fairplay, thats why i share it ofc!

    name in game Konstantinos for those who has meet me! cheers!
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    Hello Stallion, Celsius is aware of how it works too =) just fixing it its a lot more tricky, but they are working on it .

    Please avoid the use of that bug and dont share it to no one.

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    if i was about to use it i wouldnt had post it :P

    as i said i love fairplay! just an example ... i never play with my favorite teams in arena, only random heroes!

    i allready replied the PM and ofc i ll not share it!

    take care!

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