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    Angry banned

    I have been banned for no reason.
    I've been a player for over two years.
    My ID is 33673.
    I await news about it.
    Good job

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    You'll never get a reason why and good luck on any response from the devs here.

    The only reason you can be banned is if you get reported by enough other players.

    You'll only be reported by enough players for the following reasons:

    1. You used the force disconnect bug and people got p***ed at you.

    2. You legitimately beat enough players to p*** them off and they reported you out of spite.

    Yes, the devs are apparently aware of the bug. No, there's no word from them on what they're doing.

    Your options are to start again, using a different registration to play from the beginning or wait (I'm unsure for how long but it happened to me) and your original account will be unlocked - we're talking months here.

    It sucks but that's the current situation.

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    UNLOCKED... :)

    finally they unlocked the account. Thanks Celsius, all their collaborators and above all the testers. :)

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    Glad its solved, closing thread now =).
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