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    bought silver cacernia but got only normal one

    Good morning, sorry for bothering you but today I bought in the shop Silver Cancernia for 2100 gold.
    But I got the normal one. I checked again in the shop and it seems like there was a mistake in the shop as both Cancernia appear to be the normal one.
    How is possible to fix it?
    Thanks in advance.

    My koboko ID is 66998011 (tell me if you need any other info, thanks in advance).


    PS: I noticed that I cannot retrieve mutants from breeding center. Whenever I try the application crashes and reset, both from facebook and Android.

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    Hello Manubio, try sending a support ticket here >Support<. (you might need a kobojo/nexus account)

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    Hello Manubio!

    Apologies for the issues you've been experiencing.
    I will send you back th e gold you spent for the basic cancernia and take the mutant back too. Now the issue has been fixed so you will be able to get the right cancernia silver ^^

    As for the bug with the breeding center it has been fixed too.

    If you did not do it yet, please send us a ticket following the link Skunkix sent and I will sent you everything from there!

    Thanks for letting us know and have fun!

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    Actually Manubio, please check your PM!
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