An archetypal situation
by Elicoor

Last time, I told you Buck Maurice was being redefined as a Bruiser, but I didn’t go into details. I only explained the direction the team took for the new stats. However, it’s now time to further my explanation about archetypes.
Basically, most mutants belong to one of the mutant archetypes. These archetypes are defined by a combination of stats. And when talking about stats, I don’t only consider speed, life and attack value: special abilities are more than a bonus. Considering special abilities as a real stat gives us different ways to develop new mutants, increasing the available tactics.
Most mutants fill one of the three following spots:

These mutants are slow, quite resistant, and heavy hitters. In other words, they don’t hit often, but when they do, it hurts a lot. These mutants take advantage of anything that helps them dealing damage, which includes the passive damage from Slash or Retaliate.

Strikers are rather fast, strike quite hard (compared to their speed), but they don’t have that much life, and are basically designed to focus bigger mutants, to take them down quickly. The striker behaviour can be greatly reinforced through abilities like Boost, as it helps these mutants strike harder.

Tanks are the essence of defensive mutants. They are quite slow, don’t strike that hard, but with huge HP values, and defensive abilities (Shield, Drain life or Curse), they can hold on for a while.

Advanced archetypes
However, some mutants don’t fit perfectly in one of these 3 archetypes, and tend to fill in specific roles, but they can be used in different manners to lead you to victory. You’ll find some of these new archetypes among the most recent mutants.

Assist triggers
Ultra-fast mutants, who allow you to trigger your assist as fast as possible, thus allowing you a strong attack very fast. They may change a bit in the future, more info on that coming soon.

Glass cannons
The first real glass cannon was Orion, seen as a calamity because he was quite different from the others. Glass cannons tend to vastly deviate from the classic “Strong Slow, Feeble Fast” trend, as these are fast mutants, with a good attack power, but very low life.

Usually quick to medium mutants, debuffers tend to take advantage of a good Weaken ability to reduce global damage from the whole enemy team, especially when they have access to AoE abilities, allowing them to apply a better total debuff value.

As their archetype name implies, Passivers are mutants which main way of dealing damage is through the use of their Passive damaging abilities. They are somehow similar to Tanks, have high life pools and low attack, but they don’t use defensive abilities.

The others
Some mutants are supposed to be completely out of the boundaries, and feel like total weirdos. For example, the newest addition to the mutopedia, TriAD, was designed using specific constraints: the idea of an active tank, instead of a passive one, with low life but an extremely high shield power value.

Buttons and handles strewn all over the instrument panel at random? This couldn't be more confusing!
Time for the little bonus: this time again, we’re introducing another old mutant rebalance.

As originally designed, Dezinger was a slow mutant with a shield, but a quite low attack. As such, he had little impact compared to similar mutants. Thus, I decided to push the concept even further along the line of a Tank mutant.
Having no passive damage, he needs to be able to survive hits while waiting to deal damage. That’s why I put the emphasis on survivability, giving him a better shield and a much-increased life. His attack was slightly increased, to increase both his offensive potential (by hitting harder) and defensive (a better attack implies a better “damage to shield” conversion). This new version will make it find a better place in teams.

Here’s a little recap of the provisional stats for the new version, they might be subject to change before the mutant is released.

Thank you for reading this article, and see you next time to talk about Special Abilities!