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    375 - 400

    Whilst I appreciate the new levels as something else to do, I gotta say, not that impressed.

    Nothing new to beat. There's a few 'environmental' levels (one with cold weather and one with random arrows falling from the sky) but apart from that, seen it all before.

    Enemies heroes are too easy. They're all pre-evolution level and way, way too easy to beat. We're 400 levels from the start of the story - 400!! - and it feels like we barely left the front door.

    No such thing as AI. Twice I saw Masha. Twice she was placed in a corner. Go figure.

    Boss was too easy as well. Start the level, check it's position on the board, quit, adjust your deck accordingly, done.

    All in all, the new levels where underwhelming, surprisingly simple and took a couple of hours to beat. When you've had nothing to do for a couple of years but play PVP, you get used to using tactics and ingenuity because of the random team selector. Not here.

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    Thanks for your feedback Dominion and we have other ideas for the next PVE stages that we're looking forward to implement, we'll see if you enjoy them more.

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    Like I say, the additional levels were a very welcome break from the PvP - it's nice to follow the story and it's nice to take a break from the will they/won't gamble of being force disconnected from PvP match (btw, any news on getting that fixed? )

    There have been a few threads on here about possible improvements or additions to the PvE side...

    - Normal / Elite / Hell stages.
    This is a very common aspect for RPG games where the difficulty/rewards increase the harder it gets.

    - Gambling
    Not exactly common but would increase the risk/reward aspect of PvP. Instead of the standard win/lose ranking points, you can put up cards to gamble with. Would only be worth doing if the disconnect bug gets fixed though...

    - Randomised bonus/negative effects to make PvP more challenging.
    10% increase/decrease in HP, chance of heroes being frozen for 1 turn on deployment, chance of heroes getting double attack on deployment, chance of your heroes being swapped for theirs on start of play

    The possibilities are literally endless with a game like this, there are so many things that could be implemented in a game that's basically standard PvP or nothing.

    We love the game and want it to grow - show us the love back!


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