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    Lightbulb Daily challenges Feature

    Would love to see feature like this:
    Every 12 hours there would be new 2 challenges. If you don't complete the challenge then it stays in your quest menu. Maximum of 2 active challenges at one time.

    - Win 10 PvP games using only red heroes in your team
    - Do 50,000k damage to enemy players
    - Kill 100 enemy heroes
    - Do 5000 poison damage
    - Heal your heroes for 5000hp

    I'm curious if you guys like this feature idea too and what other types of challenges you think would be fun?

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    Hello wexer, yeah this kind of stuff would really improve the game. Long time ago we asked formed company (kobojo) to add somethign like that, specially on guild system quest version. I dont know if they planed something before leave.

    I remember i asked for some "play with X color team", time ago there wasnt even random mode xD
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    Hello Wexer, I see your point with this idea, which is to add more variations with daily quests if I get it right. That's definitely an idea we'll consider, once our first priority (dealing with cheaters) is done. Thanks! :)

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