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    Question resizing app display 18:9

    I wanted to report a problem of resizing the app on the smartphone screens 18: 9 (I have a lg g7 thinq). When running the app is not extended to the whole display but has upper and lower bands divided into three parts each with portions of images. The upper part also alternates moments when the screen becomes striped. Is an adaptation work planned? At the moment on this type of smartphone playing is very annoying.
    good job.

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    yes, me too
    I have a 19:9 screen (oneplus 6) and the game doesn't adjust at all, the upper band more annoying as it blinks quite often.
    a fix is needed

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    Wow thats definetly weird. Did this happen always or started happening from suddent?
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    Hello Commanders, please contact the support by clicking on the "Cog" icon at the bottom right of the village in Primal Legends and choose "Support". If you can't access the support from the game, please use this link and give your Kobojo ID: If that doesn't work either, then send an email with the subject starting by [PL - Support] and then your issue to the following address: :)

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