Didn't want to hijack someone else's thread but I saw a reply from (I'm guessing) a dev who said their priority was to deal with the cheaters in the game.

Without giving anything away (cheaters will cheat - tell them one exploit is gone, they'll figure out another) - how close are you to fixing this?

Only way you'll know about cheaters is through the Report button but that's open to abuse from rage quitters, mis-use from people who think they've been exploited and report people who genuinely disconnect etc.

Will there be an overhaul of the game in general to remove the exploit and if you disconnect, tough nuts, you disconnect? That would make sense if the stability of the game were improved. It's the player's responsibility to game with a stable connection.

Hands up in the air, I've used the exploit in the past in order to get to the top league on my first ever account. That account got banned and, eventually, reinstated itself after time but at the end of the day, it's just not worth it.
What do you get if you constantly cheat apart from resting at the top of the tables with the other cheaters? Yeah, fun.

I honestly hope this does get fixed so it brings the fun back to this game. It's a PvP game that needs a breath of life - do us proud!