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    Hero design: Alceyr

    Our Game Designer Elicoor tells us more about the design of Alceyr:

    Alceyr, our new stag hero, is a highly capable tactician, who can give your heroes a very important tactical advantage if he’s well used. In other words, he has to be played carefully : bad tactics can be worse than no tactics, sometimes.

    Alceyr has two completely different abilities :

    When he enters the battlefield, he deals damage to an enemy hero on the same column as he is.
    That first ability lets you use him to finish a low-life enemy hero or as a simple hit at the beginning of a match.
    His second ability comes from his role as a tactician : when activated, Alceyr gives a resistance bonus to all other allied heroes, then he pushes them as far as possible towards the back row.
    It is a support effect, allowing you to reposition your heroes away from the front line at a minimal cost.
    As you can see, he's not based on brute strength or absolute defense, but on his tactical ability, which is quite dependent on the player's tactical sense.
    Thus, he's best played with heroes who can take advantage of multiple different positions on the battlefield. Like Erys, who can blast huge zones with fireballs, leaving flames to burn heroes and units alike.

    However, he's not infallible. Pushing heroes to the back means they are vulnerable to heroes who specifically target that area.
    So, which heroes are the best for you to use with Alceyr? :)
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