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Thread: Banned for...?

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    Banned for...?

    So, I know the DC cheat - my first account got banned and rightly so.

    Learned the lesson, got unbanned and carried on playing.

    Just been banned again, despite not using the cheat?

    So tell me oh great mysterious devs - do you actually check the details of the reports or is it just some auto formula along the lines of x reports = auto ban?

    Check my account and win streak before my ban - you'll see i had a pretty impressive loss run of about 15-20 games in a row - I was pretty much haemorrhaging points. As I understand it, that's difficult to do if you cheat to win.

    Wouldn't mind my account back cos starting from the beginning for a third time is boring as hell.

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    Hey send a support ticket. I THINK a stack of reports grants a ban. Send a ticket so they can check the logs =)

    You can send a support ticket Here

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