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    Beyond the Machine 5: Black Hole

    Black Hole
    by Elicoor

    I’m a man of my word, and as I promised last time, I’m going to talk about everything linked to the black hole, including crafting mechanics.

    The event horizon

    Crafting is a game mechanic introduced to allow players to create items, using other elements from their inventory.

    There are 4 crafting machines:
    • The Metal Factory, that allows you to upgrade stars
    • The Transformatron, that allows you to upgrade orbs in a random way
    • The Supplies Lab, that allows you to upgrade medkits and other supply items
    • The Black Hole. It can do everything said above, and other, weirder recipes.

    When crafting items, two types of recipes exist:

    Fixed recipes

    In these recipes, you usually put X copies of a single item, and you get an upgraded version of it, e.g. 5 Bronze Stars turn into a Silver Star.

    Random recipes

    Other recipes are less restrictive about the items you can use, but the results are more random, only giving you a change at getting what you want. It’s especially the case for the Recycle recipes, that can give you variable rewards, up to Gold stars.
    Random recipes are particularly linked to the Black Hole.

    Black Hole(s and Revelations)

    However, at Celsius, we have a feeling that the current way of crafting is not interesting enough, and sometimes it can become tedious. That’s why we’re currently working on an overhaul of crafting recipes.

    Most of the main, basic recipes, will stay the same, you will still need 5 Gold Stars to create a platinum star.

    However, in accordance with the future designs concerning orbs and to allow for better strategic choices, we will change recipes for orbs. You will then find 3 types of recipes to create orbs:
    • A follow-up on the current recipes (with a twist on components), using multiple different orbs of a given Tier to create a random orb of a superior Tier.
      This will be the option with the most RNG implied.

    • Specific recipes, allowing you to craft a given orb, using a set list of components, without the random part.
      This will be the most reliable option, but also the costliest.

    • Other, new recipes, that allow you to reroll an orb into another of the same Tier.
      This one will be somewhere in-between, and it ensures you won't get the exact same orb you used to craft. However, it'll require you to sacrifice an orb of the same Tier.


    As you understood in this title, we’re also going to rework most crafting recipes, to make things feel less like a complete and tedious lottery, and more like a crafting bench with a chance to get better items.

    To do that, the current Recycling recipes will be replaced with multiple, smaller recipes.

    Mutant Rework Time !

    As usual, we'll be introducing another reworked mutant in Beyond the Machine : Black Holes are thematically linked to space, and to be more specific, to dimension-crossing.

    Which mutant could be more fitting than the dimensional traveler himself, Mandor ?

    As you can see, the new Mandor is much more powerful than the previous version, but a little slower.

    I chose to focus the growth on his attack power: combined with a small reduction in speed and a low increase in life, the new Mandor is closer to a Glass cannon-archetype.

    Next time in Beyond the Machine: Present, Past and Future.
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