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    Beyond the Machine 7: Zero to Hero

    Hello Psy-Captains, and welcome to this new Beyond the Machine, this time dedicated to… Heroic Mutants.

    Defining Heroism
    by Elicoor

    Some mutants are Legendary, some have unique skins, others can be Heroic.

    Heroic mutants tend to be defined through 2 differences, compared to Legendary mutants:

    - They have slightly less life than mutants of the same speed.

    - They have an extra basic orb slot.

    In other words, their base design is a trade of life for an extra orb slot. Which doesn’t mean they really have less life than their counterparts, as you could choose to add a life orb to compensate for this loss of life.

    On the contrary, it means these mutants have access to more customization options. Instead of slightly more life, you could choose to add more attack, more critical, or boost your special abilities.

    With great power comes great responsibility

    Heroic mutants have an extra customization option, but that doesn’t differentiate much from legendary mutants.

    What we’re going to do about Heroic mutants, is to make them more unique, in the way they interact with the rest of the game. Instead of simply fitting into one of the mutant archetypes, we’ll make them much stranger, filling specific, niche roles, taking advantage of their extra orb slot to give them more flexibility about their possibilities in this role.

    You could, for example, find mutants with extreme values for their abilities, combined with low stats, making them great at applying those abilities, but not entirely fit for direct-damaging your opponent.

    On the other side, you might find ultra-tanks, with extreme values of life and defensive abilities, but weirdly low attack.

    These mutants would not fit in every team, but they would need specific mutants to support their peculiar gameplay.

    Battle Against a True Hero

    To start redefining Heroic mutants, we’ll start with the one you’ve chosen: Wind Spirit.

    My objective was to redefine it as a powerful debuffer mutant. It will deal extremely low damage, but has a very important ability power.

    And who knows, there might (or not) be a future ability based on time manipulation... What do you think, Psy Captains?
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    I like it and I love the idea of adding another Orb Slot. Well done Elicoor and keep up the good work Celsius team :)

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    could someone reply my messages because I am confused on how this works

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    Hello HolyG, what are you confused about?

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