Hi everyone, it’s Elicoor for the new Beyond the Machine.

Genetics Reloaded
by Elicoor

Until now, I tried to focus on small mechanics and gameplay elements, both to help new players and veterans to understand well some of the basic (but not always the most understandable) elements of the game. Now it’s time for a big explanation, which is the foundation on which the rebalance of stats is built.

Gene Spread
As you all know, mutants are not all equivalent. Multiple factors happen to affect the choice of mutants you’ll put in your team. Their pure attack power, their sustainability, their special abilities in adequation with their intended role in your team.

But one of the main factors when comparing two similar mutants with close stats, is their gene combination, to maximize the effects of weaknesses and resistances.

That’s why some gene combinations are more popular than others, and it might partly explain why some mutants see more light than others.

Concordance and dissonance
As you probably know, all gene combinations are not equal by design. And as I’m talking of combinations, it’s better to clearly define it here.

In Mutants, a combination of genes is a couple (A, B), where A can be any of the six genes of the game, and B can be any gene or nothing (in the case of monogene mutants). As defined, a combination (A, B) is different from (B, A).

As such, there are 42 possible combinations: 6 (first gene) x 7 (second gene or nothing).

There are basically 5 groups of mutants, depending on their gene combinations.

Combination names are based on the relative position of genes in the type wheel:

As you can all see, there are two main groups of combinations: those without weakness coverage, and those with at least a partial weakness coverage.

We chose to add a compensation bonus only for the first group, as these mutants have a disadvantage facing their weaknesses, in both attack and defense.

Gene Bonuses
All mutants from the following combinations will get bonuses to their Base Attack and Base Life.

Other mutants will not get any bonus from this patch, but they have a big enough advantage to ensure this balance update will get time to shine.

So, for instance, Chun-Lei, who has two opposed genes, will not get any bonus. On the other hand, the Forgotten One, who has two Necro genes, will get a 25% Attack Bonus and 25% Life Bonus.