Hello everyone, i need a guide that is based on "intermediate" level, i'm level 30, evo 16 and i really can't seem to win PVP fights, cause Kobojo can't make a balanced PVP system, i also can't reach level 40 in PVE, i can only reach 30, i also have around 260 slot tokens to spend, some of my best mutants are: Gold Drei,Space Corgi, Gold Buffalor, Gold Overkill, Platinum reactor Sir Puggington, Bronze Absolem, Thor, Bronze Triple B, Bloody Berry, Halbeard, Christmass Steam Warlord, Drall, i have no Bronze stars for breeding so i can't manage to get all mutant's, can someone tell me what i should do to be better and stronger as a whole, i'm Beta Division in Mexicopolis. I also face alot of Gold Orions, Buffalors, level 66 teams, i just need someone to give me a in-depth guide on moving on from weak to strong, considering i can't breed bronze mutant's. Out of which i have Bronze Enforcer, Cerberus, Nordic Knightmare, Honey Bunny, Nebulon, Bounty bug. I have 14 Silver stars, 8 Gold, 1 Platinum, i'd also like if someone can tell me, since i don't breed mutants how they are supposed to ( Alien and Alien to make Astro Surfer) i take two mutants that have 1 Alien gene, to make an Astro Surfer. Is this way of breeding effective? Thanks in advance. I'll also do updates on my rooftop with the guide's use.