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    worthy opponant more like opponant ull never beat

    im lvl 17 in this game and im hardly climbing in ranked and recently iv been facing players with 790 or even higher point while im only 600 they have like 200hp advantage plus animals iv never saw before its so unfair and not fun to play anymore

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    Hello Iheh!
    Well dont worry about hp difference, tide usually can be changed. About the new heroes you didnt see, take in mid in lvl 18, i think(¿or was 21?), you will unlock them too, eventually.
    Dont get frustrated for a few defeats, in fact i recomend to study that strategy in case you want to use in the future when you have that heroes.
    PS: What heroes do you encounter and you dont have? You can check here for most heroes disponible.
    "Great heroes carry the journey's burdens, not on their shoulders, but in their hearts."

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