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    All progress lost in Android version

    Hi, I'm new on this game and I really like it, it is interesting to get the oportunity to create different type of monsters, but now I have a problem, I was playing the Android version of this game, and today asked me to login with Facebook account (something that I didn't) and I skip the Facebook connection, now I lost all my mutants, and started the game again, do you know how can I get my mutants back? I was in level 12, and have several different and advanced mutants.
    I tried to connect to kobojo page with facebook account and I can't.
    Please someone that can help me with this big problem.
    Thx in advance.

    Kobojo ID: 78876860

    PS: Once the issue is fixed, there is a way to link my game with facebook account but replacing my old game that I played in Facebook with the current Android game?

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    Please send a ticket to the support (the link is in my signature)
    tell us what happened exactly in the right order of events, and if you can remember or if oyu have it, we will need the kobojo ID of your lost account and the new one (it is important to make the difference between the two).

    This will help us to start an investigation. However, if at first your accoutn was a guest one, when it is lost we are not able to recover the data. As a log out of it, delete the account.

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