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    Beyond the Machine 10: Black Hole Rework!

    Black Hole: Event Horizon
    by Elicoor

    Hi everyone, I’m back for a new Beyond the Machine article, this time dedicated to delving beyond the event horizon of the black hole.
    A few months ago, we talked about reworking recipes in the black hole. Now it is time to further this rework.

    Controlling outcomes

    The part we've reworked the most in the Black hole is the way you can get orbs.
    Before, you had to rely solely on chance to get the orbs you wanted.
    Now, you have more (and different) recipes, allowing you more control on outcomes.

    1. Fusing 7 unmatched orbs of the same tier still rewards you with an orb, one tier higher.

    2. Fusing 7 identical orbs of the same tier will now reward you with the same orb, one tier higher. Harder to make, but better controlled.

    3. Fusing 3 orbs of the same tier will now reward you with one random orb of the same tier. Useful when you didn’t get the orb you wanted.

    Distorted recipes

    Beyond the rework of orb recipes, we also wanted to change how recycling items in the Black Hole worked, by giving them a more fitting list of rewards. We also reworked the probabilities of the different rewards, for previous recipes, to make them fit better with their role.
    Some former recipes have also been removed, as they focused on orb production. They have been replaced by the new recipes explained above.


    And the last part of this article will be dedicated to a new thing that will appear in the black hole: the Chronoshifted recipes, which will only be present for a limited amount of time.

    Chronoshifted recipes can grant you access to some unreleased items, with a specific list of 7 items, that will change in each recipe. It will be up to you to find out and use that recipe before the time distortions in the black hole make it disappear once again.

    See you soon in a future Beyond the Machine article!

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    I dont know what you did now is more hard to do better orbs and the black hole is absolutly useless

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    Thumbs up you broke the factory

    you broke the black hole you broke all the machine now its uselesss
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