2019 Events!
by Elicoor

Hello Psy-Captains! Now is the time for a new BtM season to start. Just like last year, every month, there will be information about one specific theme, describing in detail how specific mechanics work and/or will be reworked.

For this first BtM in 2019, I’ll be talking in detail about Event development.

Linking the Past...

Last year, we focused on the main events, while giving them a theme and an identity, to differentiate between them and make them quite cooler than they used to be. At every event, our teams tried to make new things, and test out gameplay elements we would be able to integrate in a more permanent fashion.

Easter 2018 was the Rabbit Hole event. The whole event was designed around the Black Hole recipes. You could acquire and trade Eggs in the Black hole, to have a chance of acquiring Sir Bannog. We wanted to test the contract system and new, specific recipes in the Black hole.

Anniversary 2018 was the Uprising event. A very intense and higher-level PvE event with epic fights, finishing on the ultimate fight against an over-the-top Singularity Wizard boss. In this event, our focus was on PvE, both high-level and short-termed. Which made an incredibly difficult event, but allowed us to learn and design a better PvE experience

Halloween 2018 was the Soul Collector event. An event in which you had to collect souls to trade with an NPC mutant, Acheron.

Christmas 2018 was a classical winter event. New winter skins, Winter themed missions, snowballs to collect, and a new year mutant release: Mix0-Logist, king of the parties!

... to the Future!

In 2019, after seeing how much you enjoyed these events last year, we decided to increase the number of events, and make them even better.

We will still hold the 4 biggest events for Easter, Anniversary, Halloween, and Christmas, however these will now have new themes and associated mechanics.

And we will also add smaller events, like Valentines event a few weeks ago, that will always have a main theme, offers, and ways to acquire exclusive mutants and skins.

This year, we also wanted to reward all of our players that involved themselves a lot in events. That's why we designed a special bingo grid, dedicated to this year events!

And as you can see in the game, except for Valentines Lancelot, other spots are currently unannounced. Which implies 2019 will have another 8 additional Skins and Exclusive mutants completely linked to events. Will you be up to the challenge and manage to collect them all?

A mouthful of chocolate

This year's Easter event will not be focused on the Rabbit hole, but on acquiring loads of chocolate! Chocolates are a new hybrid currency, that can be either used as a currency, or as an experience booster for your mutants.

So you'll have to choose between using your chocolates to get the exclusive mutant, and other rewards, or use them to boost your mutants and make them reach new heights. And, it'll give an extra utility for unused chocolates after the event end !

See you soon in a future Beyond the Machine article!