1. Get rid of the fox heads.
Those 4 fox heads you can 'emote' to other players - absolutely useless. They do nothing to enhance the game and are only really used by jacka**es who think it's hilarious to spam.

2. Replace them with the ability to record a match.
I've just come out of 2 lost games cos the other player disappeared but the game didn't auto close cos they timed out.
The number of posts about being banned for no reason is silly.
If we can record our games and submit them as evidence of cheaters, it kills two birds with one stone - people who cheat get banned (or moved to the Cheetah league for a month where they can only play against other cheaters) and people with no evidence of cheating remain in the game.

Oh, and release some more PVE levels - PVP against cheaters is getting boring now.