He woke up, and he was scared.

He tried to scream, but he couldn't talk.

He tried to run, but he was trapped.

The pod opened, letting his naked body fall to his knees., and he heard steps coming and a voice saying "Oh, John, what have you done now?".

When he tried to turn around to see the owner of the voice, he fainted.

The bed was comfortable, but his heartbeat was accelerated for the nightmare. Then realized he was in a safe place, and decided to go back to sleep. Then a thought crossed his mind....

"Wait a minute... what time is it?" He turned to see the clock on his wall "9 o'clock! I'm going to be late! And on my first day!"

He changed quickly, took the first trousers he found, the first shirt and the first shoes. As usual, he did not care if it fit him or not, he just wanted to be able to go outside without being naked.

He left home remembering everything that had happened in recent years. He remembered everything as if it had been yesterday. To graduate from the academy with honors, to decide to become a Psy Captain and to pass the exam, everything.

He watched the enforcers flying far over his head, watching over the city. Realizing that he actually still had time, went to a cafe and asked the Tri-Klops for coffee, which he obtained instantly. In a store he saw old repetitions of "Spew You", when it was still funny, about twenty years ago.

Before realizing it, he arrived at the building. Where he would get his first mutants and where he would live, eat and breathe mutant fights.

He went to the elevator and put the button on the roof, where he was told that he would meet his coach and his personal scientist.

As the elevator went up, the nerves increased, but he said to himself "I can do this, I was born for this, I'm going to go there, and I'll be the best Psy Captain that the world has ever seen."

He went from one corner of the rooftop to another. In which there was some kind of shed. At the door of the shed was a sign: "Come in please".

So he did, and saw two people arguing, a woman and a man.

-No Darwin, we can not!

-Why not? It's in the name of science.

In the name of science? Everything you do is in the name of science?


-Even Twelve?

-Oh, Don't you dare mention Twelve! You know what it meant to me!... We have company

-¿What? -She turns around- Oh, sorry for that. You muyst be the new recruit, I'm your coach and he's your scientist, my name is..

-Eva Destruction! The legendary Eva Destruction is my coach!

-Yup, that's me -she seemed somewhat sad

-But... I thought you were retired.

-I AM retired, from mutant fights, I still train those who might need a little help.

-Oh, that makes sense.

-And his name is... -She pointed to his partner

-Darwin, Charlie Darwin -The scientist said.

The rookie couldn't help to see the collection of ant farms on the walls.

-You... Like ants... Don't you?

-Yes -he responded- Bugs in general, but yes, I like ants. Anyway, I assume you are here for this - He pressed a button and a series of cryogenic Pods came out of the ground, in each of them there was a mutant.


-I know right, Let me introduce you to your first team, Zombie, Robot and Warrior, pretty standard stuff But I'm sure You'll make good use of it.

The trainee was astonished.

-And? Do you like it? -Eva asked

-Like it? I love it! I feel like... like I was made for this.

"You have no idea" Eva thought.

Anyway, that was it, my first MGG "episode", let me know if you like it. I'll probably continue it.