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    [Update] Patch note - Bug Fixes


    Welcome to Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey's latest patch note on the build released December 8th 2015.
    During our latest release we have particularly focused on bug fixes. Please find below information on some of the issues we have solved:

    • For some players launching the game resulted in an infinite loading screen - This is now fixed
    • Some players game crashed after attempting to log in. This should not occur anymore
    • Crashes took place when clicking "Go Online" - Should also be fixed
    • Crash during the tutorial, when asked to click on the rat's portrait, has been fixed.
    • Crashes when clicking on enemy portraits in the bestiary should not occur anymore.
    • General stability of the crafting menu has been improved.

    • Battle encounter (in Heroic & Titan mode): infinite loop is now solved
    • The Swamp Spawn boss is no longer immune to stun

    Several side quests which could not be completed have been fixed:
    • Phyltrian plumbing: quest is now removed from Journal upon completion
    • Desert level: Find the three brothers can now be completed
    • Desert level: Paying the Geckal 250 Gold for the rope is now taken into account
    • Mines: Declining Grislas first quest and then asking again caused a crash - should now be fixed

    • Audio on chests after battles has been added.
    • Audio added after battles.

    • Many design improvements and optimizations as well as localization fixes have also been deployed for a smoother experience.


    We expect that another update will take place around Christmas so stay tuned! We will make sure to announce new updates on our Facebook fan page!

    Do not hesitate to leave your comments/questions below!

    Have a great day!

    The Z:OO Team
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