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    Lightbulb Multiple Suggestions

    Some of the following suggestions have been written by others, but here it all goes in one place, Sorry!
    1. Crafting Center:
    A. All-in-one crafting; crafting 23 Xp bars gives 1 Xp drink why can't we add more to the process: 46 bars = 2 drinks, 230 bars = 10 drinks and so on. Same for everything else
    B. Put the extra mutants & larva to use; combining 3 similar regular mutants/larva gives a bronze version (similar to fusion but via crafting), combining 4 similar bronze mutants/larva gives a silver version, combining 5 similar silver mutants gives a gold one... no stars required and no stars redeemed.

    2. Breeding Center:
    A. Off-Incubator retrieval; Even with a level-3 Incubator, with those mutants in stock from multiple origins might put me in a situation where I have to wait for 24 hours to retrieve the new mutant, Why can't we retrieve directly to the stocks.
    B. Show the time for the cross-mutation before launching it, I usually like to plan my time, and I think a lot others do, I can't decide on the criteria upon which the time to finish the cross-mutation is calculated whether it is the parents' genes, star level or star used. Is there some kind of a chart for that even for the level-1 breeding center.
    C. Fusion & Cross-breeding:
    ....i. Allow us to choose which process to use.
    ....ii. Make fusion an alternative for cross-breeding at all star levels, I suggest the following plan,

    ...2 lvl-10 regular mutants + Bronze Star =breeding=> Bronze mutant, KEEP the parents,
    ...2 lvl-15 regular/similar mutants NO STAR =fusion=> Bronze mutant, LOSE the parents,

    ...2 lvl-15 bronze mutants + Silver Star =breeding=> Silver mutant, KEEP the parents,
    ...2 lvl-20 bronze/similar mutants NO STAR =fusion=> Silver mutant, LOSE the parents,

    ...2 lvl-20 silver mutants + Gold Star =breeding=> Gold mutant, KEEP the parents,
    ...2 lvl-25 silver/similar mutants NO STAR =fusion=> Gold mutant, LOSE the parents,

    ...2 lvl-25 gold mutants + Platinum Star =breeding=> Platinum mutant, KEEP the parents,
    ...2 lvl-30 gold/similar mutants NO STAR =fusion=> Platinum mutant, LOSE the parents,

    The plan is just an illustration, but consider the suggestion itself.

    3. The Roof
    Consider EXPANDING the roof, the space available now can only host 164 mutants, while you already have 230+ different mutants not counting the versions, I believe the space was enough when it all started with only 42 mutants (6 basic single-gene mutants & 36 combinations, but with all the new mutants coming to the arena an expansion is long overdue.

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    Did any one from kobojo or celsius even read these suggestions?

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