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    No offense but not giving out the rewards hurts the players (like myself) who did fight and use tags and campaign passes to win them more than it hurts the people that weren't able to win. In terms of fairness, I believe everyone should have won the rewards instead of no one winning them. Since the mistake was with Kobojo and not on the players, I believe everyone should have been compensated. Campaign passes and med packs are fine but they aren't gold stars. I really love this game and I think Kobojo does a great job with customer support and customer service but I believe rescinding won rewards is a mistake and definitely has upset me. I spend a ton of time on this game, it has become my number one game that I play however, this is upsetting and unfair.

    Not even passes and meds are fine those 10 meds are 4 hours away passes are so easy to get And Jackpot token are 2 days worth of free video watching. Just trying to stay in grandmaster can run your med packs down from 400 to 0 .

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    Angry do not want your packy thank you need my champion rewards

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Mitro View Post
    Basically the train of thought is pretty simple: If everyone gets the rewards, virtually no one is upset. By taking away rewards, the people that fought to win them are upset and the people that didn't get them at all are still upset as well.
    I started the competition with 800 points and played games until it reached 1% of my right to get rewards tournament .... I do not want your package thank you and I hope there will be a response to resolve this problem and I hope that do not proceed like the predecessor of problems unresolved

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    Thanks would have liked a reactor token since its the only reason I do pvp unless a new muntant is in it.

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