Psy Captains,

As you may know, Monday (January 11) the 69th Season of the Global Tournament began.

Unfortunately, this season suffered a few technical issues, the most blatant being the unusual amount of points received by some of players when starting this tournament (many players began with PVP points which they had achieved in a previous season, landing them straight away on top leagues).

Since this issue impacted the entire player base, we have come to the difficult decision of terminating this buggy season yesterday and launching a new bug-free tournament on the same day.

Unfortunately the issues continued and once season 69 finished, our players still received a reward pop-up, which they have not and should not be granted, due to how long the tournament had been active for and the PVP score issue. We must acknowledge that we initially stated that these rewards would be handed out, however this was a miscommunication on our behalf, based on the information that we had at the time. While we understand the disappointment this may cause, we will not be able to grant the rewards, as it would not be fair to users who began with standard PVP points.

In order to apologize for any inconvenience these issues may have caused, we have decided to offer a compensation pack, which can be redeemed by clicking the link below:

Pack Contents:
15 Jackpot Tokens
10 Big Medpacks
50 Campaign Passes

We apologize once again for these mishaps and thank you for your understanding!

The MGG Team