Hello Psy Captains!

We would like to thank you all for sending us your proposals! We received so many that, as usual, it was very hard for us to decide who to chose!

Thankfully after hours of meetings and thanks to Darwin's help in the latest technology we were able to compute a result and....



1st position: Ricardo Mira Diaz
500 Gold + The mutant on the release date + Biography in the game

Ever wondered what happens with discarded mutant larvae? The spawn of a monstrous accumulation of disposed mutant larvae fused together to create this ravenous mutant. It only wants to satisfy its hunger but it has no bounds, now it seeks to destroy and devour any mutant that crosses its path.

2nd position: Robert Pollard
500 Gold

Once a world famous food critic whose meal was poisoned with mutosterone by those he gave bad reviews to, this mutant now takes a bite out of others at the arena to sate his never ending hunger.

3rd position: Iron Chow
400 Gold

"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" Inspired Baron Urban to create this mutant, now the way to his victory is through his mutants stomach.

4th and 5th position: Zoona and Ben Radant
200 Gold

Zoona: Darwin found this creature severely damaged, and by using large amounts of med packs and experimental drugs, Darwin managed to heal it. The drugs side effects gave the creature unprecedented strength. Seeking revenge, this creature joined the arena to crush anyone who stands against him.

Ben Radant: Ever had an appetite you couldn't quench? Baron Urban's hunger for the arena is reflected in his new Mutant. Countless opponents have been consumed to try and fill that void. Don't fall victim to the endless abyss that awaits inside!


All prizes will be delivered via Private Message by the Community Managers.

Thank you to everybody who participated! We hope you had fun.
Keep an eye out for new contests!

The MGG Team