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    I would like to be able to stick some mutant larva in there! I would sacrifice my spare reactor mutants for an exp jar or something :P Sounds handy to have this black hole business

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    yes that is correct , the larva is no use it to us . so mgg please make something that can utilise our larva more efficiantly.

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    Thi is the best ideea for crafting , i have too many items useless to craft but now i can use them

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    there is a minor bug the items don't show up after 10-15 bh crafts the item you got from the craft cannot be viewed once the bug is encountered even the stars icon disappear

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    Estimados, luego de hacer algunas pruebas he concluido (esto muy basicamente, sin mayor tiempo de testear) que mis mejores combinaciones las logre con la mutosterona pequeña, pues tengo mucha, no me implica mayor perdida y he logrado ataques criticos, escudos anticriticos, orbes de experiencia, hasta una estrella de plata!, y combinando cosas mas costosas los resultados no han sido considerablemente mejores, , esto es como primera impresion amigos.

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    I found a bug that is really annoying and should be considered; sometimes, when using 7 med packs, I might be given 5 med packs. That is not a recycling, that's simply trashing supplies! I think that the BH shouldn't give off items of the same type for that reason. Thanks in advance!

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    Ok, I have crafted some interesting things. I only find:

    You cannot use challenge tokens, but also you can uise the jackpot ones.

    There s a.... kind of bug where there are given 4 objects in total. I dont know if these are given or not, since the images or textures dont load. I hame maked upon 30 crafts since now, and this happened just twice.

    Basic Orbs cannot be used as well

    And please, if I put most of the spots with orbs, at least return some of them instead of giving me an anticritical shield. Its frustrating XD

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    if you have uselles medpacks, use just 3 of them in one craft, not 7 :)

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    black hole

    first im courious why i cant use stars with something else to craft in black hole, but if i use stars i can for example get anticritical sheld or somthing like that
    second i love the thing that i can use charged orbs for crafting, and eggs, and that u dont have to fill all 7 spots
    also there is a bug also sometimes u dont get anything from crafting its even more often happening in android verison
    and i never got golden or platinium star and reactor or challenge tokens
    and i also get to notice that u cant use challenge tokens for crafting
    one more good thing is that u can get more items with crafting in black hole, not just one
    but i must also notice that its not making big deference if i use 3 or 7 item for crafting, rewards are pretty much the same (i only notice the diference that when crafting with 3 items i got 3 bronze star or one lvl 1 orb, but when i crafted with 7 itesm i got 4 bronze star or 2 lvl 1 orbs) it will be good that if u use more items the better are rewards
    also u could add the option to use gold for better rewards

    and for regular crafting, not black hole, i think it will be good that if u use 7 same orb u get exactly that orb just improved (example: 7 curse orbs lvl 1 will give me 1 curse orb lvl 2), becouse i and how can i see the oter players too, hating getting the crtitical orbs, me personaly getting that orb mostly every time. and how much is regular chance for hitting a critical hit?

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    i did lot of crafting (i am doing this for 4 hours? ), i have cca this:
    45x +200xp
    50x critical strikes
    40x anti critical shield
    35x +300% regen
    45x +100% regen (but its also extra win, so i dont know how many times it was normal win and how many extra...)
    more than 170 bronze stars (but none silver, none gold, none platinum...)
    more than 600 big medpack
    50? lvl 1 orbs
    some lvl 2 orbs (i dont know exact number, i crafted them into some lvl 3 and one lvl 4 )
    some jackpot tokens (not many, i think 20? i used them all already...)

    mostly i used 3x medpack (medium type...), lot of times 7 medpacks, sometimes 3 big medpack... i also tried some orbs, bronze stars and some + 300% regen...
    but every time i use black hole i got something...

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    I have made a little video:

    The Black Hole is loveble but there is a glitch, graphical glitch that sometimes don't let me see what I won!! see the video to better understand.

    For now I havn't find any kind of good "recipe" for a specific item, but if You use 3 medikit you have some chance to get 3 bronze star ^_^'''

    More testing tomorrow,
    Good Night Psy Captains!!!

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