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    Darwin is at it again, this time experimenting with devils blood, resulting to a juggernaut with its face with its gaping jaw in its torso, fueled by hunger and rage, the creature makes its way onto the arena, broken bones and shattered bodies await those who face this fearsome creature.

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    Big Muscles with a little Brain, this is a Urban experiments that is now in the arena for the final Test. Who will survive against this concentration of power !! ??

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    destructive jaw was an experiment that was being developed to assist Darwin in his lab , but something goes wrong and a pure mustogeneo portion on the jaw and he mutated , the gora will be the devourer of mutants in the arena , take care .

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    When the dark came to the world,the people was scared,but one man was brave. Too much mans,to much dies...His sacrifice was his body for the rest of live in the evil possesion.

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    He is the greedy son of Anxiety and Hatred. One day Baron Urban, kidnapped him and inserted necrotic genes that caused him to turn into a titan. Since then, he exacts revenge on every people he sees and makes them titans as well.

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    Baron Urban traveled to the end of the universe in order to collect ADN from the immortal Face of Bo and then back to the birth of earth just to make sure he would obtain an undying champion. But to unforeseen evolutionary issues, his mutant turned out nothing like he expected. It is still a beast to be feared in the arena, and that is what matters most.

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    While messing around with some genes, Darwin wanted to create a mutant that was similiar to a show he watched, while creating the mutant, he accidentally put the mutant's face on his belly. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't remove the face. For several years he kept the mutant hidden, until one day it broke free. After Darwin saw that a lot of people like him, Darwin finally gave a go to (mutant's name). Now it's destroying every mutant he sees. Can you train this unstoppable beast? There's only one way to find out...

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    Another horrifying experiment from Urban,this mutant was born when Urban try to combine fresh Human flesh,Mutosterone,,and cannibalistic colossal giants altogether and the result is very horrendous.the only things that this mutant know are: Destroy,Consume,and Devour anything in the arena no matter even it was mutants,Building, or it's own master!!!

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    Once upon time, there was a Razrog, the strongest and vainglorious race in netherworld, but they vanished by the God to ashes because their ego. After million years, one of the Razrog reborn, it finds an entrance to human world and he will destroying everything that block his way to rule a world once again even all mutants in the world.

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    Dr. Drakula experimented a man that will change the world of humans, at first the experiment was successful and the subject/man was in good shape but Dr. Dradula didn't no that the assistant made a chemical substant and injected it to the subject not tilling Dr. Drakula of it. then the subject/man mutated and became the legendary colosal a man who be come a monster that eat people...

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    He was a normal man but one day he fell in a well which was very very poisonous and when he came out of the well he look in mirror and see himself like and he was now very lonely but then darvin found him and bring him to WORLD OF MUTANTS and darvin make many copies like him and from that time he become famous in mutants world.

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