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    Ever had an appetite you couldn't quench? Baron Urban's hunger for the arena is reflected in his new Mutant. Countless opponents have been consumed to try and fill that void. Don't fall victim to the endless abyss that awaits inside!

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    Mutant's Story

    The mutant is the result of Professor Victor's new form of experimentation to his friend. It was not a terrible creation then but became a gluttonous soul eater after realizing that its awful life is very uninteresting. Now, its traces had become unseen while it roams through the wild and devour every lifeforms it see.

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    "On that day, mutantkind received a grim reminder. They can not survive against the wonders of science". These are the words from the scientists who created this fearless, destructive mutant. A new era of chaos is about to unleash, along with this mutant, in the arena.

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    This is a creature that survived the nuclear explosion in Chernobyl 1986. It is full of radioactivity and is capable of killing everything nearby. It is slow but very strong.

    I suggest a name: Radionof

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    Initially, this mutant was a simple monster who came to Arena to prove his power, but Urban believed that this mutant could be better, and stronger. So he applied giant doses of Mutosterone in him, and the result was an unstoppable hunger, which caused to grow a giant face in his abdomen. Now, he isn't in arena for power, he only needs to satisfy himself with other mutants bodies. The proplem is: he's never satisfied.

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    This is a parasitic success story of a creature who as a hatchling burrows in the body of its host and as it grows it slowly takes control of its entire being,once utterly controlled the creature manifest its face to show who now is boss,Opponents who face this creature are sent flying with fear as suffer the same fate as its host.

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    i will delete this

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    Merciless giant creature are fun to watch, its all about the destruction, the mess, and the blood, and who doesn't love that!?. better yet now this mutant has come, giving a brand new meaning of "Giant Mass Destruction", an absolute perfect-giant!.

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    He is the strongest man in the universe and he likes to eat much to build his muscle.....Then,his stomach don't get enough food so it became uncontrolled.His stomach eats anything that moves....

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    Initially, he was a mere mutant, but Urban believed that this mutant could be stronger. So he applied many doses of Mutosterone, which caused to grow a giant face in his abdomen,with an unstoppable hunger. Now, he only needs to satisfy himself with other bodies. But he's never satisfied.

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    The scientists of Ferret City decided to combine zombie virus germs, a Tutti Gooey's remains and Behemoth genes and then inject the whole cocktail into some unlucky volunteer, just to see what would happen. Well, their curiosity was sated, unlike this thing's hunger after it consumed them all.

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