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    From one of the seven circles of the Underworld, comes champion of Hell. He knows only hunger and thirst, hunger for violence and thirst for battle, only thing that exceeds his hunger is his power. Beware, he is known as Gluttony.

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    This monstrosity is a result of one of Baron Urban's experiments gone wrong. Urban was trying to make a gigantic muscular mutant with a terrifyingly huge mouth that eats mutants whole! Just hope you don't find yourself enemy with this mutant in the Arena, for it will eat your mutants whole!

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    A terrific monster created by bits and pieces from the remainings of Baron Urban's enemies.Scared from what happened,he deciced to keep this abomination hidden.But the monster broke free,and is now roaming the arena.Caution,he has a big apetite...

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    It crawled out of the darkest place on Earth.Represents human fascination with Titans strenght and power,crossbred with demons,now awakened to destroy everything on its way.

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    Through Abominable science and the darkest magic, this mutant was created. Its hatred and malice grow with each strike. To contain its evil, it has been sent to the Arena to do combat. those that created it pray with each match that its appetite for destruction is sated.

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    Direct from the depths of Tartarus this creature was sentenced to fight in the arena and destroy every mutant that is opposite to release his own soul

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    Along with its origins, despite its ominous anatomy, remains a mystery. This mutant was a dreaded scout in its horde, and very adept at tracking its victims. Once you get detected by this monster and there's no escaping its grasp.

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    Creado por error al cruzar dos especimenes muy extraños, esta criatura ha escapado para saciar su sed de venganza y furia descontrolada contra cualquiera que decida encararla en combate
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    This big guy right here is the result of Baron Urban's boredom. Combining random strands of DNA led to this monstrosity, and it isn't very friendly. It was quite difficult for Urban to tame the beast, especially when the bad breath from that horrific face would melt his lungs. However, when it made its first appearance in the arena, its mindless appetite gave it an incredibly atrocious reputation to other psy captains everywhere.

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    many years ago as evolution has given rise to many creatures and and this mutant is not satisfied resolvel to perfect giving this bizarre appearance and asustadora causing dog because of their skill and appearance

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    This mutant and one of the creatures that live in search of power and making several experience to follow it and gaining unimaginable powers with habidade lem to the comprehension of anyone HENRIQUE SOARES

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