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    Suggestion - Tag Mutant

    There is something I would really like to see in mutants.

    I am often frustrated at not knowing what my teammates tag is or getting a really bad tag. I have thought of an idea that would make myself and lots of other psy captains happy.

    What if on the the map where you have your mutants in their habitats. If you could create an island location there where you can place any mutant that you want there. This mutant will be your tag mutant.

    This way your friends can check your area to see what tag you have, and you can change your tag so that you can help out your friends.

    Thanks for considering this idea.

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    Or maybe just highlight the mutant who is the tag team partner. this way you wont have one less mutant to generate silver

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    I think there should be an option which one (!) mutant to set as Tag partner for other friends not essentially the "strongest".
    Essentially my strongest mutant has to be a good Tag partner (where for example health pool or speed is not a concern).
    Of course I could take care that a certain mutant is always the one with the highest experience but that looks a bit odd from a game perspective.

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    I agree with your idea bro Ryan! That would give us more control in assisting our friends..

    They should consider this suggestion.. OR AT THE VERY LEAST, put the gene symbols of our friend's tag mutant beside his/her name.. That way, we can have an idea which friend to tag for maximum damage! This will prevent crappy tags at crucial battles.

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    I completly agree with you,Ryan.This can help us to control the battle.

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    i also agree for the idea of mr. ryan we should know what mutant will be use in tag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrei Puscas View Post
    I completly agree with you,Ryan.This can help us to control the battle.
    Bro andrei, since you ryan, jb and me are here.. maybe we should start a TSM group here too! >.<

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    Yea that should be awesome!Let's talk on Facebook :P

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    Nice suggestion, /support

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    Thanks for the support, hopefully the developers will notice this and be able to implement it.

    As far as the loss of income from the 1 mutant I dont think you would lose too much. Or it could be treated like a compound and get the coins from it.

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    Chili Kunim Plant
    Well i guess this is a good idea...

    or why not just show the tags of each friend you will use... example... just replace your friends profile picture into its tags avatar before any combats...

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