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    PvP Meta Mutant Ratings and notes

    In this topic I will rate, comment on and discuss what I think are the current relevant mutants in the PvP portion of the game. Obviously I dont have every mutant in the game but I do have alot of experience with many of them. Both on my own team and against. I will slowly add new mutants to this thread so stay tuned. These will be in no particular order. Also, please feel fee to add your own comments and corrections if you'd like. Mutants Pvp is admittedly not the deepest battle system and alot of the strategy in this game is opinion based to be honest.


    I feel like this is at least a top 5 mutant in the game right now. It has the perfect combination of speed, genes and ability to make it just such a balanced option. His genes are perfectly suited to minimizing what most of the currently relevant speedsters in the game can do to him. For example Autonorush cant Brutal him, while he can Brutal Autonorush. In addition, his attack power combined with boost makes attempting a non tag assisted attack on it extremely dangerous. Basically, if you are using speedsters you must make absolutely sure that you can kill it before it attacks. Otherwise you will be risking APEX one shotting anyone on your team. Even some tanks depending on what boost level he gets. Using LIFE+ orbs just increases this danger. An Apex with significantly enhanced life is basically impossible to counter with speed. Tanks have a hard time as well since his life/speed combo is balanced enough to almost always let him get an attack in first while being able to avoid getting one shot but almost anything. Apex is the new (Better) Mr Marvelous basically. Early in the games meta Mr. Marvelous was probably the most well rounded tough to counter mutant until Apex camealong with almost all of the same benefits and slightly stringer starting stats.

    Overrall rating: 9/10

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    I don't know what to say... All you said about "tanks can't kill him nor speedsters" is just the luck that you are getting advantage over other enemies. There isn't mutants better than other in this game, besides legendary/pvp mutants, and the good genes mutants. See an example: I have an Satyr Shaman, he is a pvp mutant with good genes, and his genes can advantage over Apex, so he will win. The ability and orbs also play a role in the battle, but I don't considered them to make the analysis.

    Edit: forgot to mention the new "heroic" mutants

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