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    Post Community's Code


    When participating in the forum, please consider the following set of rules:

    1. Keep your participation in the forum constructive. This means insulting, flaming, behaving destructively towards forum members or Kobojo representatives will not be accepted in this platform.

    2. Spamming/Flooding/Consecutive posting will not be tolerated.

    3. This is a collaborative platform, so no matter how much more experience you may have in-game than other adventurers, make sure your participation remains kind and helpful. Do not mess with the newbies!

    4. Advertising other games is prohibited.

    5. Harassing, swearing, attempts to boycott the forum or game and using offensive language will lead to forum account suspension.

    6. Posting religious, racist, sexist or porn content is not allowed and will result in being blocked permanently from this platform.

    7. Do not post consecutively - if you have something to add, please use the "Edit Post" button.

    8. Make sure to post in the appropriate section.

    9. When starting a new topic, please make sure the title reflects the content of the thread. Stay constructive, clear and straight to the point.

    10. Do not to create duplicate/multiple threads regarding the same subject, if one has already been started by another forum user add your feedback to it.

    If you would like to join our Moderation Team
    and help us keeping the forum awesome APPLY HERE

    The Primal Team
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    TOPIC PREFIXES: Use them when suitable!

    Hello Commanders,

    We have enabled a nifty feature that really helps the Primal Team, our trusty moderators and players know what your topic is about before even opening it and should really improve everybody's ability to answer your questions/feedback!

    Here is a list of the available prefixes:

    • [BUG]
    • [FEEDBACK]
    • [QUESTION]

    Happy thread creation!

    The Primal Team

    If you would like to join our Moderation Team
    and help us keeping the forum awesome APPLY HERE
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