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    TUTORIAL: How to post an image in the Forum

    Greetings Commanders,

    A little bird told us you want to submit your own images, but aren't sure how to do it!
    There are 2 main ways of uploading pictures in the forum:

    Method #1 (From Computer):

    Step 1
    Click on the picture icon

    Step 2
    Select the desired image directly from your computer.

    Step 3
    Upload your image.


    Method #2 (From URL):

    Step 1:
    Upload your image to an external provider, such as:

    Step 2:
    Deselect "Retrieve remote file and reference locally":

    Step 3:
    Insert the URL you got from uploading your image on an external hosting site:

    We hope this tutorial has helped!

    The Primal Team
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