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    Remember that time when you requested a cool new background to use on your devices? Yes, that's right, you can now find it here in multiple different sizes!

    Choose the resolution which is best for your device and download it below:

    * 1200x627 px
    * 720x1280 px
    * 1242x2208 px
    * 1920x1200 px
    * 750x1334 px
    We wish you an awesome day in the arena!

    The MGG Team

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    I reckon this Background prefaces to release Black Hole to all psy and new mutant.
    Thanks for your efforts.

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    Nice and thank you but your dimensions are off, with images its width first then height, some of the sizes above need to be reversed to be correct

    All versions are tall and skinny :)

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    I hope there will be a 1080p version of this wallpapers in the near future.

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    i thought the cave callapsed

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