View Poll Results: how do you feel about the xpfame update? what will you do?

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  • i quit playing and spending altogether, farming is dead

    233 63.14%
  • im collecting but not playing or spending, farming is dead

    136 36.86%
  • im an autoclick user makes no difference

    5 1.36%
  • im playing and spending as usual just not getting anywhere

    12 3.25%
  • i love the update heres my cash

    1 0.27%
  • im crying cause all the top players quit, mgg is dead

    32 8.67%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    This is not an mmorpg tgat can work with insane amounts of xp per level .... get your ducks in a row kobojo

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    I have a real life and I have to do so many things in life except MGG ok. We have no time to spend 24*7 for a single Fame. @kabojo, your new update ruins MGG. So just think once again about this ok......

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    Kobojo arregla lo de la experiencia a todos nos afecta eso no es justo muchos lo dejaran de jugar poco a poco.

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    days per days my hatred towards you is become bigger Kobojo.i think you're the worst game developers i ever seen.because you let cheaters dominate this game while we fair players suffered because of your laziness to stop them from attacking and stealing our points and you put many bad updates to this game which are finally led many players quit from this shitty game.use your fucking BRAIN!!!! we(fair players) always give you moneys if we need something to boost our MGG!!! Cheater brats will never give you anything than destruction of this game!!!
    free players are suffering and many of them already quit this game because farming is dead and there's no other ways for them to get free Golds beside farming!!!what will you say?order them to buy furnaces?buy golds from bank!!?

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    From where we got many CPs for farming XP that much!!!?ANSWER ME!!! RIGHT NOW!!!

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