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  • i quit playing and spending altogether, farming is dead

    233 63.14%
  • im collecting but not playing or spending, farming is dead

    136 36.86%
  • im an autoclick user makes no difference

    5 1.36%
  • im playing and spending as usual just not getting anywhere

    12 3.25%
  • i love the update heres my cash

    1 0.27%
  • im crying cause all the top players quit, mgg is dead

    32 8.67%
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    Thumbs up Protesting xpfame update,for spitting in the faceofsupport

    I thought This was a Free game, where we could buy things to show our support for the game and keep making it better? This is no longer true, you have taken away the players ability farm to progress in game. You have taken away every players ability to farm except the cheaters, hackers, and automouse users.
    Free players benefit kobojo, watching ads, views, shares, groups, coaching, statititions, suggestions, and various communications Promoting mgg and kobojo. This new update/eulogy has spit on them and is insulting. Perfect example is KO @Eric Kuhn Founder of O.M.D Obsessive Mutants Disorder/ Psycaptianuniversity , one of the oldest mgg GroupsOne of your Most Loyal and Beneficial mgg players you will ever have. Has quit playing his favorite game because He feels like
    "Players thinking that the xp update is to curb cheating is completely wrong ... yes most games your level progression is harder with each level ... but I those games you can get nearly everything without the use of currency and currency is just a faster means to obtaining more in the game ... a game like mgg uses currency for everything and taking away any means of obtaining currency apart from spending is the issue I have with this update". Has Kobojo ever thanked him for all his support?

    Moderate spenders, like @Zenos Artefact who is the number one fan art mgg suporter, who is working on app and data base and promotes mgg everyday, has made a pic of his own tombstone that reads: Fame update: Here lies Zenos Murdered by Kobojo and his broken arms team and is also protesting not playing just collecting. Kobojo has never thanked him more less hired him as artist or consultant.

    Then me my self, @Michael Tinker the average daily player and supporter, i work alot, but dont have a lot to spend, but when there is a good sale or if i have some extra money i buy and show my support. but when i cant afford to, im still here everynight playing and discussing, sharing, and watching adds everynight after work. I dont deserve a thank you but i dont deserve to be spit on either, i dont have the time to farm much so to me , there is not reason to farm after update. Therefore the game is stagnat and its going bad quick.

    Then you have the big spenders, who have supported kobojo with there blood swet and tears , it is also a slap in there face, Some of them will be ok because they have enough furnaces to not need to fame up for gold. But they are your game leaders and tons of them are not quiting in protest and also sick you kobojos lack of effort to do something about the cheaters. examples ronnie B, sendo, og, tom M and many others.

    so the Update has ended farming for everyone except autoclickers, and handed pvp over to the hackers. While spitting on all there daily players, supporters, and promoters on all levels. Everyone is protesting, and can see our game going to the grave. Please wake up and take care of your players, take care of our game and show a little gratitude for our years of support.
    thanks Michael Tinker

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    This is not an mmorpg tgat can work with insane amounts of xp per level .... get your ducks in a row kobojo

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    i really hate this update now

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    Kobojo is trying to get rid of the old players with a golden rooftop full of furnaces bought as they say for "free".

    They know how addictive is the game so they are luring in new players and empty their pockets with cool offers like the new phoenix, as there is no jump to do untill fame 150 new players will not notice anything fishy and just keep on spending money.

    the gold furnaces sold for gold was a bad hit for them as they lost most of the high spenders, so nothing bad if they change the big spenders with new ones without furnaces right? fairplay kobojo.

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    Ty for this game, is very good

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    this is normal . whenever they release a new game, some thing about to go down in mgg
    and the game is getting a little bit boring ,but it seem fine to me

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    i really hate this update now

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    Now the game is a waste of time. Thanks Kobojo

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    wow you're killing your game because of this update .. honestly i'm playing and spending too but this actually destroy the harmony between free user and paying user

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic stalion199's Avatar

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    i had my xp's 81k in first accnt. , honestly my second account is fame 100 and had a 50k exp's but when i open recently i shocked that it became 100k exp's

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    Please back to the old method thanks.

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