View Poll Results: how do you feel about the xpfame update? what will you do?

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  • i quit playing and spending altogether, farming is dead

    233 63.14%
  • im collecting but not playing or spending, farming is dead

    136 36.86%
  • im an autoclick user makes no difference

    5 1.36%
  • im playing and spending as usual just not getting anywhere

    12 3.25%
  • i love the update heres my cash

    1 0.27%
  • im crying cause all the top players quit, mgg is dead

    32 8.67%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    well kobojo need money that's why they made the fame more higher so we can't farm and gain 50 golds easily so that players don't have much furnace force them to spend money to up their evo. this how what they want.

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    Bring back the old faming system!

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    this game started to get boring with all d orbs and gold mania with furnices. Im playing it becose of my friend, with playing i mean collecting credits and gold... who wana play one fight 3 minutes? rather play another game then this one. and if i see wright-ppl realy started to hate this game... i think in a couple of months we gona see its epic fall... greed 4 money!

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    Won't even acknowledge your little trollpoll there
    Kobojo as a Company is still learning as you go and have to figure out what works and what doesn't, I get that!; word to the wise....
    "You don't bite the hand that feeds You!"
    I'm sure with that never ending evo discount money started rolling in and it seemed like You had finally made it. Game was already entering the endangered species zone, you just gave most of Your longtime supporters/fans that extra push needed to realize this game is not going anywhere. I've been around almost since day one and was always optimistic that the best was yet to come, sadly you've showed Us that's not the case.
    Zodiac was a bust, Primal isn't showing too much promise, at least not with most of Us who've been trollbojo fans through most of the BS you guys pulled on us.
    A game is supposed to be challenging, but someone over at headquarters had one shot too many of Tequila to come up with the XP solution.
    MGG was a good thing at one time and for that I thank You

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    100% with you.

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    Xp update sucks!

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    Thumbs up

    this is really harrasment for mgg players like me. the fame level is so i have to left the game. it was really interesting game. but after this..i cant afford this. and im sure lot of player said this like me. so if u withdraw this i will be back on this game. plz withdraw this fame level.

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    because this play was boring

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    Game is dead without cash players

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    My Evo is 173 and Fame is 840+ and I no longer feel the same towards playing...all i do now is just collect credits, gold and gifts....I find no reason to keep doing PvP anymore nor do a single fight in campaign for experience....If this becomes permanent and the XP continues to increase then I will also be quitting as the game is very stale and boring now....

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    Also thanks for putting the Legendary boxes for gold only, talk about adding insult to injury.....even more reason why I might leave sooner....

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