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    Update: Meet the Exchange office!

    Dear Psy Captains,

    We are proud to unveil a spanking new building which will land in your game VERY soon!

    Expected release date: March 25th, 2016

    What is the Exchange Office?

    Simply put, this building will allow you to exchange Jackpot tokens!
    If you don't feel like spending your tokens in the slots, this building allows you to exchange them for various items such as orbs, stars and even mutants!

    Note that the content of the Building will not be refreshed as often as the Jackpot, but it does constitute a fairly quick shortcut if the item you want is available!

    How do I get this building?

    The Exchange Office will be available in the Shop for only 20 Gold and it can be placed on your rooftop.
    (Note: You can only own 1 EB)

    When using this building, do I get the exchanged item instantly?

    The trade is not instant - wait times will depend on the item. (In this aspect, the Exchange Office works like the Challenge Hall)
    Let us know how you feel about this new feature! Join our discussion thread and send us any questions you may have pertaining to this update! As always, we will be looking forward to your suggestions and constructive criticism!

    The MGG Team


    PS: We apologize for the delay regarding the global release of the Black Hole. The testing phase is taking longer than expected, but we think that it will be released very soon! (Good things tend to take time)

    PS2: On a side note, we inform you that a special hunt has just been EGGtivated - Gather colorful eggs to complete missions and WIN REWARDS!

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    Hello [K] Hugo

    It's good to hear about this building, I think I saw it on EVA rooftop in last year, at all, of course an important new feature for players that they can to replace the awards, but I hope that does not take a long time to produce awards.

    I have a new proposal that include expand rooftop to put more building, Mutants, ..etc instead freezing them.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Very cool idea. I'm excited to see what it's about. Can't agree more with Ameen though, I think the #1 issue is rooftop space. More rooftops would make everyone happy.

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    Interesting stuff!

    But the mutants present in "EXCHANGE OFFICE" will be rare mutants?!?! Legendary? Heroic?!?

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    Yes, the office sounds amazing. The only problem of me would be the land. i am quite full right now and an exspantion would be very nice. Also, a faster way to collect coins on the Facebook platform yall have would be good, but hay; one thing at a time. Thank you MGG for the consideration!

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    Just bring back the old xp amount !!!!! That's all I want!

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    yeah good! is iti gonna be for real or is it another fiasco like the blackhole, which only a few coiners got?

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    I like this Exchange Office. How about one for Mutants. Not Mutants that you have already out or breed, I am talking about the hundreds I have still in their Test Tubes. How about exchanging them in for a Mystery mutant or something like that. I have been holding on to them hoping you guys would think of something to do with the extra Mutants that are still in their tubes that I'm sure a lot of people just have in storage. Also I have seen it in the other replies, we need a roof top expansion badly. Please, I will be freezing Platinum Mutants soon because I am out of room. But you guys are doing a great job with everything else and I still love the BlackHole Experiment, please do not change it.

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    Not really sure how this will be different than challenge hall, but i am excited to see it soon .

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    incredible!!!!!! thanks kobojo

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    Quote Originally Posted by joenel solis View Post
    Just bring back the old xp amount !!!!! That's all I want!
    more smoke screen trying to blow over the ep fame update that insulted so many veteran players.

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