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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Law View Post
    I subscribed but haven't seen a newsletter. How often do they come out?
    They are pretty irregular so we unfortunately cannot tell you when you will receive the next one :/

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    Hello, MGG!
    Could you tell me, please, how to get the prize, the gold ?
    I don't unterstand how some of my friends had obtained the gift and I didn,t
    Please tell me what should I do step by step.
    Thank you very much and have a good day

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    1000 gold

    i haven't received yet please give it to me

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    I also haven't received my 1000 gold please help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon Charles View Post
    On the mobile version you can find your kobojo ID on the bottom left corner of the options menu. As for FB I think (and I might be wrong) it is the same as your Facebook ID number. Also to those asking about the PVP reward mentioned in the newsletter if you look at the post in the link here at the bottom one of the community managers explain that the gold reward simply hasn't been given out but will be released soon.
    OK... did this >>> If you have selected a username, one way to find your ID# is to go to your profile pictures ( and select a photo. Then your user id will appear in the URL (i.e. the number after "&id=").
    BUT the number after id= kept changing with each pic. However, there was another number that didn't so I submitted that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erns8874 View Post
    I received it, Thanks for that.

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    Me enviaron el E-mail pero cuando lo abrí no me dio el oro era como si abriera el Mutants normalmente

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    porque amino me los dan ?

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    How to see your ID kobojo percent who do not know me

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    I've done it right or I did not get 1000 gold why?

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