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    Quote Originally Posted by Todor Yanchev View Post
    Couls you also limit the numer of times a person can attack you one after the other. So people don't get attack 10-15 times again and again by 1 person.
    Example givven: Attachment 5733
    --"we will cap the maximum number of points won per fight to 100"-- Won't help much, but at least it's a start!
    Now if You could do something about the "skip" a player option(Like Mr Yanchev asks), that's more of a "track him/her down" for farming.
    Skip one and deal with whoever pops up should be the deal here, not the way it has been from day one.
    PVP keeps falling short from a World Tournament.

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    Sorry but this change will not solve the problem.
    The game have another issues on PVP mode, for example, I'm always fighting against players with more 50 levels greater than me...if I win, I earn 10 points, if I loose 20 points are lost.
    This is extremely annoying and make the game less trustworthy.
    You need to find a way to balance the levels of players, so cheaters will play only against cheaters. You can play against players 5 levels up or down from you only, in other words, create categories between players.
    Hope you fix the problems with PVP.

    Best regards!

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    Have you change something more in PVP except points limit?
    I play on VK platform and I think last night we had your update, cause yesterday among all I was attacked by two guys and lost 5 points to each.
    Today's morning I fought them back and received only 10 point from each. Other days I got more then 20 point from that kind of players who took 5 points from me in defence, but now it is only 10. And btw, after those guys attacked me I lost more point to others also - so my rank points was low, and not higher than those two.
    And nothing has changed in my base recently - I DIDN"T get any levels, I DIDN"T get any new mutants or leveled them.
    So it must be something with with update? Or was it double coincidence (like they both lost more rank points during that night)?

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    How do I know how to keep score pvp tournament? not fair ....

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    OK I see you are trying to step in the right direction, but I think you guys made a big misstep.... as in you skipped a few steps that needed to be addressed before getting to this point. Here is the thing, you capped the max gain for points in PvP.. thats great!! Except now that you have done that, late starters to the season just simply CANNOT progress healthily!! This is especially true for middle tiered evo ranges (70-200)... Why? Because Higher evo players have too much evo to simply *skip*... costs too much credits so a mid tier player cant continuously skip them if they keep rolling them, and the only other option is to either take the loss or hope to get shuffled someone lower.. In my evo range (99) I either roll someone at 200+ or someone below 33..... can you imagine the lovely points I can get from that? Yes... Im swimming in it.. 10 points at a finger flicking time.. **Higher evos have always had the 10 point problem so whats the big deal?** well at least for Higher evos.. they COST so much to skip so they can take defensive wins all season long... mid tiers like myself dont cost AS MUCH.... so we can be skipped pretty often.. and higher evos help everyone out witht heir tags so players are more willing to gift them points via revenge button.. but mid tier? we usually have mid tier fame too... between 100 and 300 fame... we cant compete with higher evos for first tag usages and are often forgotten about... so why gift us in such ways? Big deal right? so what happens to us? We either have to start on the season AS SOON AS THE SEASON STARTS and play like our lives depended on it, or just have no dream for making the GM tier... otherwise we just CANNOT progress in a healthy manner because all the middle tiers that we CAN get decent points from already left at the start of season. ..

    So what should have been done before implementing the caps? UMMMM MATCHMAKING!?! RELATIVE evo matching? Did anyone not think of this beforehand? I know.. we already get matched to similar evos... yes.. IF they are still in our point range.... If you were gonna cap the points we can gain, why couldnt you just take out the need for points in determining point gain and matching? Sound too stupid? Its not, the biggest things a player looks for in an opponent for fast climbing is the highest evo where victory is STILL POSSIBLE. If there are none, then it is the Highest Point difference where victory is at least Certain. When evos are close, it is the Highest star rating the opponent has compared to their own... IF there was a cap on how much points we gain, then of COURSE anyone starting the season even a day late will lose the first condition and consequentially the third condition... So that means we can no longer climb fast... at least not without botting or account sharing or literally having nothing to do in real life EXCEPT play MGG. which... honestly.. I dont even know..

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    The system seems broken. Sometimes I fight someone at the same level as me and get 56 points but when I revenge someone that is like 45 evo levels above me (with platinum stars) I lose 20 points. So weird.

    And then I'm sure some people are getting 100 points off me easily or else there is no reason for this:

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    ^ EDIT: Same level but their stars are weaker than mine (like only between bronze/silver) but I'm using Gold + Plat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todor Yanchev View Post
    Couls you also limit the numer of times a person can attack you one after the other. So people don't get attack 10-15 times again and again by 1 person.
    Example givven: Attachment 5733
    i agree with you

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    Please develop such system that you can attack the other person only if he has sum of levels equal.lower or slightly higher than yours.

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    One of things suggested a long time ago were:

    1) organize tags by evo not fame

    2) automatically add tags for defense by selecting them daily in current prompt vs waiting for people to accept them

    3) cap the points per win (done!)

    4) calculate points as such {[(Max evo: them)/(max evo: you)]*.8 + [(total evo of team:you)/(total evo of team: you)]*.2}*(win=1, lose=-1)*(point cap)

    Get the other 3 done and its fixed.

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