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    Talking I got Buck Maurice

    Here is the recipe

    Oriax+captain peace=Buck maurice

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    im not too happy i lost two silver star for trying to make wind spirt and what do i get two legendarys who didnt need to have

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    Please do not try to make the game better any more !!! Every time you've tried, it became worse.
    Let's mention some "improved" things:
    Black hole (now you can mostly get shit badges and lower chances for better rewards),
    Campaign (players who have finished earlier could not have chance to get nice rewards as new players),
    PvP (earlier you could get more points against stronger enemies; now just 10, and if you lose by stronger enemy, you get -20: not fair!!! Although positive things are better rewards),
    Legendary breeding event (No comment! Cannot breed bingo grid mutants because you get thousands of Buck Maurice or HUMAN or Cursed Rider).


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    Is it done now ? i need fast answers :c

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    This is actually a wonderful addition to the game, however I believe that it opens up a few possibilities way too early for newer players that older players had to pay for. I think to make this really work in favor of all players would be to make it unlockable through evo. Basically make the legends unbreedable until the parent mutants reach a designated evo, like say 25 (last power stat upgrade). This way, Brand new players wont have access to the larger power curve that Legendary Mutants bring to the table until after they have reached an evo range where they can they can appreciate the extra bump in power because they already have had time to experience the normal breedable mutants. Doing this also makes it easier to complete elite star bingos for breedables for all players since they can breed up to gold using level 20 silver mutants without having that larger pool of possibilities. It is unhealthy for the game progression if you leave it as it is, even though it is wonderful that this opens up legends to the free player (meaning the game isnt heavily pay-to-win)...
    Another way to balance the breeding chances is to allow the mutants to be Unlockable using Platinum grade parents.. meaning a player has to go through the normal game progression before unlocking Legendary mutants for breeding. This way, players who waited forever in a day for their favorite mutants to finally get a platinum version wont be dissuaded by the excessively large breeding pool when trying to breed a copy for the platinum fusion.
    A third way is to make them secret recipe type breedable.. not exactly like the secret recipe mutants but a similar concept.... 2 specific sets of parents that arent exactly easy to get ahold of, low chances to obtain, ONLY breedable WITHOUT a star (when using the specific parent sets, parents can be elite forms but star usage locks them out of the breeding pool), ONLY breedable after parents reach certain Evos...
    because honestly.. these are legendary mutants... they SHOULD NOT be so easy to obtain.... its Frustrating to have a much larger breeding pool when were aim for something super specific, its frustrating as a veteran player to see other players oh so easily get something we had to work really hard for by saving daily gold, leveling, etc. or spending real life money. but I do like the idea.. just smashes game progression to pieces the way it is.

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    Plz stop this event. The freaking triple b is now even popular than both dire despot and zombot. I have wasted 7 gold star and not get a single 1 of the 2 latter

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    I suggest a solution here, similar to "Secret Recipe" mutants.

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    Is britany breedable !???

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    I know this is old but I'm just here to say that I don't like this because I wanted to breed Silver Martian Marauder for my bingo and I keep getting Galactic Guardian which brings my Silver Star to a waste and I'm also running out of Silver stars

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    Really great, you wouldn't want to tell us what the parenting is for them would you?

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    You can breed them any time you want but you need a bit of luck to get them, so permanent change.

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