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    Right on, are there plans any future plans to release other legendary mutants in a similar fashion Aza?

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    Now, here's the question that a few of us want to know. How long will this last? Is it permanent? If so, that'd be FANTASTIC! If not however, then we best get our gold and get going on the breeding.

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    Lucky me, there are a few I need

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    i've tried to breed a Dezinger and it doesn't even work... my Breeding Center is level 3 so it's a very bad insult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean Siekert View Post

    I saw the In-game notice and I had flashes of Legendary Mutants that I WASTED Gold on recnetly in an attempt to get them Now what? I wait months for another crap-alooza of Gold spending event? or months for Darwin to add the Legendary Mutants I need?
    It was your decision to spend money and gold on those mutants so you have no one to blame but yourself. There waqs no way you could have known these mutants would become reedable so calm down.

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    can you send me the pic list?

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    Somebody have recipes?

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    I just want to thank God I didn't waste any gold for a single legendary mutant.

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    Is it possible to breed other mutants like esclusive mutants or only this 20 legendary are only possible mgg.

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    Hey guys!

    First of all thanks for all the feedback :)
    This is indeed a permanent feature added to the game! We have no information yet on any other Legendary Mutants becoming breedable.

    For those of you who can't see the pictures, let me quote ArticunoMC on this

    Quote Originally Posted by ArticunoMC View Post
    Dezinger, Invadron, Monocerus, H.U.M.A.N.,Triple B, Cursed Rider, Ragnar, Scare Bear, Cobrakai, Buck Maurice, Thor, Galactic Guardian, Cosmo Kong, Star Trooper, Absolem, Sentry, Wampara, Master Oida, Anubis, Blood Berry.

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    for everyone who, succeded with breeding legendaries, can you tell us some recipes...

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