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    Quote Originally Posted by [K] Aza View Post
    Dear Psy-Captains the results are now in

    1st place: CHASDESIGN

    2nd place: HOLYG

    3rd place: EDWIN MEJIA

    4th place: OMAIS RANA

    5th place: JENNA LINDGREN

    And to end the debate about the contest participations, from now on we will limit the participation to 3 participations. Each person can only win once.

    I would normally limit this type of event to just one submission per person, but I fear this would limit the creativity of our community and that is against the whole principle of such events.

    Congratz again to all who took part in this event

    James [Aza]
    How can only one submission limit the creativity within the community? One submission should be enough.
    As for this competition, I fail to understand why I wasn't a winner and I most certainly fail to understand how a person could win a place if they posted consecutively, when it states it in the rules.

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    Well said John Kimble. I am sure that it use to be once upon a time, one submission per entry, but for some reason Aza believes that it limits the creativity. It doesn't limit creativity at all, I mean how can it? The whole point of any competition is to give it your best, right? So you enter a piece and go that's my best, then you upload another and that's suppose to your best and it keeps on going. why? Create as many as you want yes, but choose the best one for submission.
    Aza, rules should never change and it should be fair for everyone at the same time. These should be the rules and should be abided by....

    1. One submission only. Submit more than one and any you submit will not be considered.
    2. Plagiarism is the same as rule 1.
    3 .......the usual rules and guidelines you have stated before.

    ONE SUBMISSION ONLY - Be fair for everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omais Rana View Post
    Attachment 5794 Pyshco chainsaw killer+ Rhino
    lol??????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????

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    Well... it's kind of annoying bit awsome... Interceptrix and Autonorush... into a Intercep-Rush!

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    i need goldddddddddddddd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hassany Mohammed View Post
    i need goldddddddddddddd
    then win iiiiiit

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